Hauke Goos-Habermann:
Since the end of 2002, Hauke is the main developer of m23. He is also co-organizing the "Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage" every year. At goos-habermann.de he offers professional support, training courses and individual adaptations for m23 and other open source software.

Maren Hachmann:
Maren coordinates the translators' team for m23, creates graphics for the project and sometimes also contributes smaller parts of program code. In the forum, she helps with problems with m23 and is responsible for the press relations.

Arno B.:
Arno has implemented the openSUSE support for m23 halfSister.

Philippe Gaunet:
Philippe, a GNU/Linux enthusiast since 1998, creates the French translations for the web interface of m23.

Patrice Pichat:
Patrice takes care of the French translation of the m23 homepage. He also has a blog, which he hosts at his own home.

We are always happy to welcome new team members! For example, you could translate m23 into another language, test the software, add new features, prepare new distributions for their installation with m23, check m23 for security and performance or contribute your own ideas to improve m23! Just contact us via the contact form!