m23 consists of a comprehensive amount of source code and a variety of components such as help texts, tools, a development kit etc., that all need to work together properly to make m23 function. It is a challenging task to develop and maintain a system as complex as m23. With some simple things you can support the development of m23.

Report bugs

m23 is a very complex system, that can hardly be tested exhaustively by the developing team. That is why we need your help! So please report bugs in the forum to get the bugs fixed quickly. You can find the forum here.

Send bugfixes

Giving the project your bugfixes is even better than just reporting bugs. Please send the changed/corrected files directly by eMail.

Enter your reference

No matter where you employ m23 - in your enterprise, another institution or only for your private cloud, other users would like to profit from your experience! You can tell us and others about it by filling in the m23 questionnaire (available in English, French and German).


Currently announced jobs can be seen on the "SourceForge Help Wanted" page.