We have made some more step-by-step video lessons about m23. Unfortunately, these are currently only available in German.

You can watch them in the playlist "m23 - Schritt für Schritt" at YouTube. The videos are available as high quality Ogg Theora videos in the at m23's video section at SourceForge too.

Video Tutorials: Step by Step

Video tutorial: m23 server in less than 10 minutes

Download (OGG Theora)/Fullscreen

This short video tutorial will teach you how to install and set up an m23 server in a VirtualBox machine. The tutorial covers among other things:

  • The creation of a new VM and the configuration of it for usage with m23.
  • The installation of the m23 server and its configuration.
  • The first start of the m23 server

Other Videos

m23 VirtualBox OSE console

This short video gives an impression of the VNC m23 VirtualBox OSE console. You can see (not in realtime) how the m23 client is beeing installed.

The video can be downloaded in high resolution as Ogg Theora video.

Screenshots of m23 rock 10.1 as slideshow

Download (OGG Theora)/Fullscreen

You can watch an animated slideshow created by Bilderfilmer.de, when you are exhausted from clicking on all those screenshots...

Helge Haacke about Bilderfilmer.de (German): Ich möchte Ihnen einmal aufzeigen, welche Möglichkeiten und Raffinessen es gibt, Ihre Bilder der Familie, Freunden oder Geschäftspartnern zu präsentieren. Egal welche Form und Inhalte Ihre Präsentation haben soll, ich recherchiere und/oder ergänze Ihre vorhandenen Aufzeichnungen und binde diese in die bilderfilmer-Show mit ein.

Linux Lounge 2012

Some impressions from the Linux Lounge at the "Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage" 2012.

The videos are available as high quality Ogg Theora video too and can be downloaded from here.

The quiz master enters the stage!

Download (OGG Theora)/Fullscreen

Tux will ask questions at the LinuxTag in Berlin and disapprove of wrong answers and agree to right answers in his charming way. When there is nobody to play with him he will pass the time snoring or having a hiccup. You should take a look at this video if you want to see him in action.