Installation of the base system

Client add dialog
Adding an new client: For creating a new client you have to enter some infomation e.g. user name, IP, netmask, MAC address, ... , other values are optional.
Partition and formating
In this dialog you can see the actual partitioning and formating of the client. The partitioning and formating can be adjusted for your needs (almost complete) freely. The configuration of software RAIDs and mount points or using the "automatic partition" option is possible too.
Create virtual machine
m23 clients can be created as virtual machines on the m23 server and/or the m23 clients and installed and managed like normal m23 clients.
Choosing the distribution for the client
Choosing the distribution for the client: The administrator selects the desktop, the Linux kernel and (optionally) a package list, that will be installed after the base installation.

Imaging and integration of existing clients

Create image
Create image: m23 can create images of harddisks and partitions, that can be installed on m23 clients.
Manage image files
Manage image files: This dialog lists the images stored on the m23 server.
Client integration
Client integration: m23 can integrate (Debian and Ubuntu) clients, that were set-up without m23 before, into the m23 system and manage them like normal m23 clients.

(De)Installation and updating of software

PInstallation of additional software
Installation of additional software: If the client is ready (partitionated, formated and a desktop environment ist installed), you can add more software.
Deinstallation of software
Deinstallation of software: Of course you can deinstall software packages. Here you can see a part of the installed packages. For deleting a software package check the button after the package name and click on the "Accept changes" button. You can discard a deletion action, if the deinstallation job hasn't finishd yet. This can be done with the deinstallation dialog too.
Update software
Update software: The packages installed on the client can be updated.

Group functions and mass tools

Add a client group
Add a client group: You can add clients to a client group. With this dialog you can add a new client group.
Add client to group
Add client to group.
Group overview
Overview over all client groups.
Client builder
Definition of a master client for the mass installation.
Mass installation (Select value generation method)
Select value generation method: Select the method for the generation of client settings.
Select data source
Select data source: The values can be read from a text file or entered by hand.
Select data source/Assign columns
Select data source/Assign columns: A file is uploaded to the server and the columns are assigned to the client settings.
Generator options
Generator options: Select the parameters for the genrators.
Enter missing values/overview
Enter missing values/overview

Packages, Packagesources and Packageselections

Package sources dialog
Edit package sources
Pool builder
With the pool builder you can convert packages downloaded from the internet or read from a CD/DVD to a package pool.
Pool builder
Choose the desktop environments suported by the created package pool.
Package builder
m23 can transform tar files (compressed archives) into installable software packages directly from the web interface.
Script editor
The integrated script editor helps to create scripts that can be executed on the m23 clients.
Package selections
Package selections: Packages can be preselected for installation or deinstallation in a package selections. This list can be assigned to an arbitrary amount of clients and will make sure that the packages will be (de)installed on the clients.

Client management and client information

Delete a client
Delete a client: If you would like to delete a client, you have to agree to the dialog.
Client overview
Client overview: Here you can see all m23 managed clients. A click on the client name will show you detailed information about the client. You can see some information in the following screenshots.
Control center
The control center gives you the possibillity to change settings of or get information from your clients. And some additional client information: IP, netmask, user, partitioning, ...
Hardware information
Client information: detailed hardware information.
Installed packages
Client-Informationen: Installed packages
Installation log
Client-Informationen: Installation log
Edit client
Edit client: Some client parameters can be changed with this dialog.

Backup and restore of client and server

Start rescue system
Start rescue system
Recover client
Recover client
Client backup
Files, that are not covered by m23, can be backed up with the integrated BackupPC.
Server backup
The m23 server can be backuped in fixed points in time automatically. The backups can be saved to another server in addition.
Server backup list
This list contains all m23 server backups, that are stored on the m23 itself. Backups not needed any more can get deleted here too.
Manage GPG keys
Manage GPG keys: The GPG keys that are needed for encrypting the backups are manages directly in the m23 webinterface.

Create client boot media

Creation of bootdisc
Creation of bootdisc: If a client hasn't a bootrom, you can create a bootdisc for client installation.
Creation of boot CD
Creation of boot CD: If a client hasn't a bootrom, you can create a bootdisc for client installation.
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